Peace As A Fragrance

“A good story must have at least some truth in it”, I’ve read.

When my world seems broken, I visit some friends from different novels

Escaping from reality

Off to the forest of my own, little dreamland

Ah, the sound of the breeze

Seems payapa, doesn’t it?


Life surely is tiring, but she never stops me from taking little breaks

Perhaps, it depends on how we treat her?

She was a gift from the only being I look up to, the One who created me, and my payapa.

Little tales. Little tales.

I walk with a lamp beneath my feet

Embraced by my fragrant payapa

My wonderland may not suit your interest, but it’s a good story because it’s true

I’m a good story because I’m true.

My little space is far away from the chaos

Where only crickets can make noise

Only if you promise to be payapa, I’ll let you come with me.